Podcast Review “The Pod of Many Casts”

The Pod of Many Casts.


This live play is an excellent example of what a live play should be. As of the writing of this review PoMC has about twenty episodes of live play goodness for your listening pleasure. While PoMC is a new live play it shines in a few critical areas.

The first, is that the players role play well. While this might seem foundational not all live plays get this right. PoMC’s characters are a rich melange of silliness, and the players do a fine job of maintaining character and bringing them to life. They don’t stay in character 100 percent of the time but that’s an unreasonable expectation. Lord Conrelius Ashe is a riot and no doubt will find a home with the rest of the imaginary friends you have locked away in your head. His eccentricities play well off the charming and pragmatic Chiara who often does what seems sensible. Hilarity ensues.

Another beat the show gets right is that the game runs fairly smooth which is a testament to the tables DM and the skill of the show’s editor. PoMC has production and it shows. From the fun sound effects edited in behind game play to the concise whittling down of game play, you can tell the show is considering it’s listeners often. That alone elevates PoMC above many other live plays. I only have a few episodes under my belt, but I haven’t yet found myself sitting through a twenty minute game mechanics discussion or some other disruption that knocks the show off course. It’s a live play so it will happen, but the hallmark of a good live play is keeping this under control, and they do.

The Structure of the show is typical but appropriate.  An intro, followed by a “Previously on PoMC” (which is critical), proceeded by the show, then buttoned up with a solid outtro. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll note that there’s one thing I’d like to see more of. A community segment. It could be that PoMC is not getting enough social media love, if that’s the case. Shame on us! Or it could be PoMC doesn’t feel like a community segment has value for their show. Or it could also be that I haven’t listened to enough shows. Either way every podcast should in some fashion have a community segment, nothing pleases listeners more than getting shout outs on the show or hearing their review read.

As far as other criticisms of the show, I got nothing. It’s a solid show and deserves to be listened to. If you love tabletop RPGs you’re missing out if you’re not listening to The Pod of Many Casts. Get on it!

The Cast

  • Leo Jenicek-Lord Cornelius Ashe
  • Alexander Berkowitz-Gargleflax
  • Silviana Russo-Chiara
  • Carlo Bosticco-Princess Plum
  • Scott Brown-Dungeon Master

You can contact PoMC at:


As well as their Facebook page.

And each of their characters has a twitter handle where you can follow them and see what they have to say.

  • @LordAshe_PoMC
  • @Chiara_PoMC
  • @garglephlax
  • @PrincessP_POMC

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