Podcast Review “Tales from the Fandom”

Tales From the Fandom


Tales from the Fandom is an absolute delight. If I was to sum TftF up in a neat little package I’d call it “The working man’s nerdist”.  As of now I’ve got about four episodes under my belt, including the latest and some other’s that peaked my interest. This podcast covers any topic that has developed a fanbase. From Star Trek to Buffy, with guests from artists to cosplayers. The buffy 20th anniversary episode was especially good. But each episode I’ve heard is worth a listen. I’m officially a subscriber.


The host David Ginsburg strikes the perfect balance of being approachable and knowledge and his guests are fantastic. So here’s the magic. His guests are working creators.  As much as we love hearing from the likes of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg their perspectives (as humble sounding as they may be) pale in comparison to Ginsburg’s guests. TftF guests are real creators like you and I, at varying places in their career. Some award winning, some only recognized in small circles. All of whom have a story and perspective that have value. And dare I say, should be heard by you. By listening, you’ll not only get well thought out explanations of what ever “Verse” you cherish, you’ll also get little tidbits of gold in the form of experience these creators have to offer. It’s a perspective that is lacking in my opinion. And i’ve found it here in Tales from the Fandom. I Hope you find it too.


The shows production is clean. It’s structure is very straightforward. A brief introduction of show and guest then right to the meat. It works very well, sounds great and delivers. As a listener who has listened to plenty of “nerd culture” podcasts I can assure you Tales from the Fandom is not the typical garbage you get when “a guy” or two decide to pick up a mic and tell you what they think of star wars and think they’re funny, when they’re not. I don’t mean to sound cruel but I’ve stopped listening to new “nerd culture” podcasts because of constant disappointment, and what often times amounts to an assault on my ears.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed with (or assaulted by) TftF. David also appears to be very active on social media which is important to me. I love being able to interact with the people who make the podcasts I listen to. He’s also recently released an “Ask me anything” episode which is right up my alley. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know that acknowledging community is big with me. Personally I’d like to see a community segment attached to his regular show. Maybe as a segment, or maybe even as a topic that he and his current guest talk about. As a listener I would be beside myself in glee if I heard my question being discussed between David and his guest. Just a suggestion, but I digress on the subject once again. Bottom line, David values community and has a damn fine show. I’m not only a subscriber but I think I’m going to grow creatively listening.


I’m going to go ahead and say that Tales from the Fandom is a “Must Listen”. At the very least you should give it a try.


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