Review: Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children.

Those who mourn may seem like they are victims of sorrow. But mourning is nothing more then joy that refuses to be forgotten and demands to be your comfort.

Welcome to Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children.

Not all of Scott Thrower’s little masterpieces involve the grave, but there seems to be a comforting darkness that prevails. Little worlds created in a few minutes that leave an impression on you. Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children is proof that big things can come in small packages. I can’t recommend this charming podcast enough. It’s unobtrusive craftsmanship that will fit snugly between the dozens of half hour or hour long shows you have in your queue. Little moments of mood to cleanse the palette of your day. So you can spend time savoring the little nuances of a girl befriending bones in a garden, or the darkness trying to be your friend.

This is a little download that you will not regret.

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