Class Acolyte

Why restrain the darkness to your heart?


Dark Push

By thrusting an open hand an Acolyte can send dark energy at an opponent that hits them with the force of a blunt object. If hit hard enough the opponent can be knocked off their feet.

Dark Blade

The Acolyte is able to call forth a blade of darkness from his hand that can cut as cruelty as the sharpest steel.

Deflect bullets

This skill only works when The Acolyte has called forth The Dark Blade. The Dark blade has a chance to deflect bullets  and other projectiles being shot at the Acolyte. It does not work on shot guns.


With a flick of their wrists Acolytes are able to disarm an opponent, Even if they are twenty feet away.


Starting skill bonuses

  • Alchemy/technology/mechanical +1
  • Cards +1
  • Charm -5
  • Concealment/hide +1
  • Deception/bluff +1
  • Detect traps/Set traps/disarm +1
  • Disguise -2
  • Intimidation +2
  • Magic/awareness/use +4
  • Moving silently +1
  • Physical Training -1
  • Throwing +1
  • Willful fortitude +2
  • Weapon Ranged Handgun-1
  • Weapon Ranged Rifle -1
  • Weapon Ranged 3 shotgun -1