Loot Tables

On a D20

  • 1-17 = Common loot roll
  • 18-19 = Exceptional loot roll
  • 20 = Rare loot roll


Common Loot

RollItemAverage PriceNumber commonly found inNotes
1Humble Wedding ring601 These modest working class rings are made with less then 25% gold
2Freemen's Knife51A humble but effective all purpose woodsmen's knife. Can inflict 1d4 damage as a weapon. Not balanced for throwing
3Light of the Lady pendant101Common Necklace found on average citizens of Silverlake
4Ornate candle lantern51The lanterns of Silverlake are of above average quality
5Tin of Tobacco21-2a common vice
6Can of Nytervold Coffee21A Dark roast for the masses.
7Book: The Tales of Silverlake101A Good book for passing time.
8Bone Dice21-5Common dice for playing games.
9Rabbit pelt11-3The tanned skin of a rabbit
10Beaver pelt21-3The tanned hide of a beaver.
11Deer Skin31-2The tanned hide of deer
12Kobold ears5 per pair1-5The ears are used to claim the bounty on them.
13Rattle Snake Rattle51The Rattle at the end of a rattle snake. Thought to be good luck.
14Deck of Playing cards21common cards
15Cigar31-3Feeling a little rich, is a classy step up from tin tobacco
16Tobacco pipe51A fine and sturdy pipe for smoking
17Ancient Bronze Dog-tag101These things may be littered all over the west but none the less they're collectible
18Tin of chewing gum11-5Some times you gotta chew
19Tin of Wooly Paw hard candies51-2
20Wooly Paw chocolate bar101
21Tin of Wooly paw gummies11kids love'm
22Mess kit151for eating out
23Vulcanis Rum101Rum for the masses from the far south.
24bottle of Rusty Hook Amber21-6Silverlake's finest Ale
25 Common camping gear11-10If a party finds this gear it reduces any gear loss by 1
26Ornate Silver Belt
101A humble but respectable belt buckle. Poor man's jewelry
27Ancient Arrow Head51-10Silverlake has tons of these lying around and tourists love to buy them.
28Humble brown Widebrem hat. 101A man without a hat is no man at all. This humble brown hat allows you to keep your dignity without breaking your wallet.
29Black Gentlemen's hat111A hat to wear at weddings and funeral's
30 Lady of the Lake Handkerchief 51you could use it to wipe the sweat from your brow or cover your face during a heist. This one has the lady depicted on it.
31Red sash Bandana31you could use it to wipe the sweat from your brow or cover your face during a heist. The primary color of this one is red.
32Black bandana31you could use it to wipe the sweat from your brow or cover your face during a heist. This one is black.
33horse shoes11-6polished used horse shoes used for games.
34Drow Arrow heads101-3Relics from the war. More rare then the common ancient arrow head.
35Orc fangs101-4ancient war trophy
36Medal of service in the Great war251a medal award to western soldiers who served in the Great War.
37Orc Battle sigel251-5Ancient war trophy. Each orc would carry a tatter of cloth that they would paint their companies sigel on.
38Dire wolf fangs101-4Ancient war Trophy. Western soldiers would take these fangs from the jaws of Dire wolves who fell on the battle field.
39 add to marketancient Drow silver coin251-2
40 add to marketAncient West Silver coin151-2
41 add to marketPint of White Surf

Exceptional Loot Table

RollItemAverage pricenumber
found in
1WPC Golden Roast501The finest coffee in the land. Produced by none other the Woolly Paw Confectionary
2Valkan Old Vine Zinfandel 1001The Best Zin in the west
3Silver flute1201a pretty thing, plays well
4Comporian Merlot601A Taste of Copmore
5 Undervine Silverware106-12Quality pure silver diningware
6 Undervine Crystal goblets251-6The finest drinking glasses
7 Undervine Port3501Sometimes you just need to drink the best.
8 Silverlake gin1001Product of WPC
9 Silverlake Maple Syrup251Product of WPC
10Book. The ABCs and you. 1001A basic book that teaches people to read. It is consumed once read and advances a characters ability to read by 10d10% characters that have reached a reading skill of 0 no longer benefit from this book.
11Book. Make your own luck501A Book about playing games. Reading skill level required 0 or better. This book teaches players how to play games giving them a 10D10% advancement in that skill. It also advances the skills of Barter by 2d10 up to level +1 deception/bluff by 2d10 up to level +1 and Streetwise by 2d10 up to level +1.It is consumed after reading it
12Book. Archibald's study of Magic1001This book teaches characters about magic.
reading it increases the skill Magic/awareness/use by 10d10 up to level +1.It is consumed after reading it
13Book Locksmithing501requires reading skill of 0 or above. This book will increase a characters skill at lock picking by 10d10% up to skill level 0. It is consumed after reading it
14Book. How Stuff works1001This book trains characters in the skills of Alchemy/technology/mechanical, Detect traps/Set traps/disarm and repair gear by 10d10% up to skill level +1. it is consumed after reading it.
15 Dark Acolyte Amulet1001Ancient amulet pulsating with dark magic.
16 add to marketTempleton Silver Buckle100 Illegal to posses if you are not a Templeton. 1-3The Badge of the Templetons. A silver belt buckle with an engraved image of the temple of light on it.
17Telescope 401With a player receives plus 1 perception at long range
18Fine clothes1001The latest fashion's from Valka
19lighter501a well made lighter
20Valkan Cigarette case1001The finest in cases from the artist's in Valka.
21Sterling Belt Buckle251This Pure Silver Belt buckle sets a man a part from others.
22 add to marketSilver pocket watch1501A fancy time piece.
23 add to marketSilver billfold and wallet chain751Your money deserves to be held in style.
25 add to marketDrow huntress belly chain501Worn by Drow Huntress during the war as symbol of their power and beauty. These ancient pieces of jewelry are highly sought after by modern woman.
26 add to marketOrc Horns1001-3Ancient war trophy taken from fallen orcs.
27 add to marketMedal Order of The Valkan rose1001Ancient medal assigned to Soliders who were killed or wounded in the Great War.
28 add to marketAncient Drow Huntress Dagger. 1501Ancient war Trophy, Drow huntress carried these daggers with handles individually carved by the owner. A prized war trophy of the Great War.
29 add to market Mustache powder 50
30 add to marketancient dow silver coins252-10
40 add to marketancient west silver coins152-10
41 add to marketancient drow gold coins751-10
42 add to marketancient west gold coins501-10
43 add to marketgreat stag dagger1001
44 add to marketBottle of Scorpion Ridge Whiskey

Rare Loot Table

RollItemNumbers found inDescription 
1Rubyroll d 20 again
1-10 1ct
11-15 2ct
16-18 3ct
19 4ct
20 5 ct
2Diamondroll d 20 again
1-10 1ct
11-15 2ct
16-18 3ct
19 4ct
20 5 ct
3Emeraldroll d 20 again
1-10 1ct
11-15 2ct
16-18 3ct
19 4ct
20 5 ct
4Pink Edelweiss 1-2
5Pink Vial1
6Jar of Wooly paw Truffles1
7Vorlot Syrup1
8 add to market Iron Cross1 (Value 1000notes)The Highest honor awarded to a solider in the Great War for service above and beyond the call of duty.
9 add to marketDrow gold coins11-25
10 add to marketancient west gold coins11-25