Markets at Silverlake

There are two tables here. One for Weapons and one for everything else. Use the search function for each table to find what you’re looking for.

Updated 8.20.2016 (incomplete)


NameCategoryPayload and
SpecialDescriptionPrice(DPT) Damage per Turn
The Mook.25 PistolQuarter Slug 1d4

Two Rounds Breach loaded
If there was a least special weapon in all the land, this is it. But if you need to kill someone on a budget this is your guy.A sturdy double barreled pistol produced by a number of manufacturers 3001-4
The Quad.25 RevolverQuarter slug 2d4

Four Barrel Revolver
For the henchmen on a budget this reliable four barrel will let you get four shots off before you need to reload5503-6
The Six Quarter.25 RevolverQuarter Slug 2d4+2

Six barrel
The most common pistol sold in the landSix Barreled low caliber masterpiece. 6002-8
2by10.25 Bolt action RifleQuarter Slug 1d4+1

Chamber only
The most common rifle in the land.
Most kids learn to shoot with this weapon.
+1 to hit

beautiful oak stock and shiny steal barrel. shoot then reload. shoot then reload.
Long Barrel 250.25 Bolt Action RifleQuarter Slug 2d4+1

4Round spring loaded
Almost every farm has someone on hand with one of these. They're a perfect varmint weapon. +1 To hit17503-9
Scatter Baby.25 ShotgunQuarter shot 4d4

Breach loader single capacity
No matter how small.

A shotgun is a thing of beauty
+1 to hit close or medium range.

damage reduced 75% at long range.
The Silver Malkin
Often times called
A "Silma"
.25 ShotgunQuarter shot 1d4x4

Double barrel breach loader.
This is the weapon that won Malkins their freedom. It was manufactured with a steal butt plate and permanently affixed bayonet.+1 to hit close or medium range.

damage reduced 75% at long range.
33four.33 revolver33 1d6+2
four barrel
33six.33 revolver33 2d6

six barrel
long barrel 330.33 bolt action rifle 33 1d6+1
Spring loaded 4 capacity
+1 To hit23252-7
Dirty 30.33 Shotgun33 shot 4d6
double barrel breach loader
+1 to hit close or medium range.

damage reduced 75% at long range.
The Little Lucy.33 Pump action long rifle33 shot 2d6+1

6 round pump capacity
This weapon is rare. Commissioned by Coppmorian guard to fight dow. Sunwalkers will not use this weapon.+1 to hit29253-13
6 Iron.5 revolverHalf slug 2d8

6 round revolver
This revolver is the military standard20002-16
Long Iron.5 bolt action riflehalf slug 1d8 +2

spring loaded 6 round
Standard issue military rifle+1 to hit36003-10
Trench gun.5 half slug shot gun half slug 4d8

double barrel breach load
When things are bad, and the enemy is close+1 to hit close or medium range.

damage reduced 75% at long range.
The silvan.75 Bolt action long rifle.75 1d10 +3

spring loaded 8 round chamber
This rifle is very rare+2 to hit61504-13
Vulcan1.0 Revolver1.0 1d12 +3

6 round
The largest caliber pistolOnly Malkins can use this weapon. 42003-15
Cronin1.0 Bolt Action long rifle1.0 3d12 +4+1 to hit can not be used by hobbits or Dren172007-52
The Quarter Master.252d4+412006-12



ItemAverage pricePrice rangeHow Many in StockNotes
Tuskmen upper eye's10 5-15Almost Never in StockThe unusual second pair of eyes in a Tuskmen's brow are thought to have medicinal value and are rare to find
Tuskmen Tusks5035-75Almost Never in StockThe protruding tusks from a Tuskmen's lower jaw. 1 foot long ivory teeth of exceptional value.
Tuskmen Scimitar53-7Almost never in StockThe signature weapon of the turkmen. Unusable as a weapon for most races but is valued as a trophy.
Humble Wedding ring6045-801-2These modest working class rings are made with less then 25% gold
Freemen's Knife53-85-10A humble but effective all purpose woodsmen's knife. Can inflict 1d4 damage as a weapon. Not balanced for throwing
Light of the Lady pendant107-1510-20Common Necklace found on average citizens of Silverlake
Ornate candle lantern51-710-20The lanterns of Silverlake are of above average quality
Tin of Tobacco21-325-50a common vice
Can of Nytervold Coffee21-325-50A Dark roast for the masses.
Book: The Tales of Silverlake105-145A Good book for passing time. reading skill required level 0 or above. reading this book will advance a players Streetwise skill by 1d10% up to level 0
Bone Dice210prCommon dice for playing games.
Rabbit pelt10The tanned skin of a rabbit
Beaver pelt20The tanned hide of a beaver.
Deer Skin30The tanned hide of deer
Kobold ears5 per pair0The ears are used to claim the bounty on them.
Rattle Snake Rattle510The Rattle at the end of a rattle snake. Thought to be good luck.
Deck of Playing cards210common cards
Cigar310Feeling a little rich, is a classy step up from tin tobacco
Tobacco pipe55A fine and sturdy pipe for smoking
Can of WPC Golden Roast5030-751The finest coffee in the land. Produced by none other the Woolly Paw Confectionary
Tin of Wooly paw gummies10-215Kids love'm
Valkan Old Vine Zinfandel 10075-1251The finest Zin in the west
Silver flute12095-1451
Mess kit1510-205For eating out
Compmorian merlot6040-801A taste of Compomor
Vulcanis Rum105-1510Rum for the masses
Bottle of Rusty Hook Amber Ale220-100A classic Silverlake brew
wooly paw chocolate101
tin of wooly paw hard candy51
Undervine Silverware10100
undervine Crystal goblets2510
Silverlake gin1001
Silverlake Maple Syrup255
Ruby 1ct1000
Ruby 2ct2500
Ruby 3 ct7000
Ruby 4 ct25000
Ruby 5 ct50,0000
Emerald 1ct1000
Emerald 2ct2500
Emerald 3ct7000
Emerald 4ct25000
Emerald 5ct50,0000
Diamond 1ct2000
Diamond 2ct5000
Diamond 3ct14000
Diamond 4ct50000
Diamond 5ct100,0000
Pink Vial10,000 Magic item, can only be found in the black market
black market item
Book The ABCs and you1001A basic book that teaches people to read. It is consumed once read and advances a characters ability to read by 10d10% characters that have reached a reading skill of 0 no longer benefit from this book.
Book. Make your own luck501A Book about playing games. Reading skill level required 0 or better. This book teaches players how to play games giving them a 10D10% advancement in that skill. It also advances the skills of Barter by 2d10 up to level +1 deception/bluff by 2d10 up to level +1 and Streetwise by 2d10 up to level +1. It is consumed after reading it
Book. Archibald's study of Magic100 This is book is illegal and can only be bought or sold on the black market
black market itemreading it increases the skill Magic/awareness/use by 10d10 up to level +1. It is consumed after reading it
Book. Locksmithing501requires reading skill of 0 or above. This book will increase a characters skill at lock picking by 10d10% up to skill level 0. it is consumed after reading it
Book. How stuff works1000-1This book trains characters in the skills of Alchemy/technology/mechanical, Detect traps/Set traps/disarm and repair gear by 10d10% up to skill level +1. it is consumed after reading it.
Hand Buzzer1000 Magic Item, can only be traded on the black market.
black market itemDescription Redacted
Rotten Egg1000 Magic item, can only be traded on the black market itemDescription Redacted
Pretty Red Doll5000 Magic Item, can only be bought or sold on the black marketblack market itemDescription Redacted
skeletal teeth250 Magic item, can only be bought and sold on the black marketblack market itemDescription Redacted
Dark Acolyte Amulet100 Magic item, can only be bought or sold in the black marketblack market itemAncient amulet pulsating with dark magic.
Templeton Silver BuckleProhibited item, can only be bought or sold on the black marketblack market itemThe Badge of the Templetons. A silver belt buckle with an engraved image of the temple of light on it. Citizens are instructed to turn these over to the first Templetons they come across after finding one. The penalty for trafficking this item is death.
Jar of Wooly Paw Truffles500
Basic adventuring gear251 per playerback pack, bed roll, blanket, flint and tinder, basic mess kit. 50 feet rope. sturdy boots. lantern.
Lasher Tusk10
Lasher Tounge25
Skull Cap1000900-15000-3This is a rare finely crafted helmet that can protect a character from 1 critical strike. after that it is destroyed.
Body Armor20001800-25000-3Custom fitted armor that protects the wearer from 5 points of damage. once the wearer takes 5 points of damage the armor is destroyed.
Telescope4030-501-2With this a player receives plus 1 perception at long range
Fine Clothes10075-1501-5The latest fashion's from Valkan.
Vorlot Syrup500 Illegal can only be bought and sold on the black market0-3A poison in the form of a sugary syrup. Almost always lethal.
lighter5040-600-3a well crafted pocket lighter.
Valkan Cigerette case10075-1250-2The finest of cases made by artist in Valka. Made of Silverlake Silver.
Ornate Silver Belt Buckle105-1510-20A humble but respectable belt buckle. Poor man's jewelry
Sterling Belt buckle2520-300-3This Pure Silver Belt buckle sets a man a part from others.
Ancient Arrow Head53-720-30Silverlake has tons of these lying around and tourists love to buy them.
Humble Brown wide Brem Hat 107-135-10A man without a hat is no man at all. This humble brown hat allows you to keep your dignity without breaking your wallet.
Black Gentlemen's Hat111-3A hat to wear at weddings and funeral's
Lady of the Lake Handkerchief 51-10you could use it to wipe the sweat from your brow or cover your face during a heist. This one has the lady depicted on it.
Red sash Bandana31-10you could use it to wipe the sweat from your brow or cover your face during a heist. The primary color of this one is red.
Black bandana3you could use it to wipe the sweat from your brow or cover your face during a heist. This one is black.
horse shoes110-20polished used horse shoes used for games.
Drow Arrow heads100Relics from the war. More rare then the common ancient arrow head.
Orc fangs10ancient war trophy
Medal of service in the Great war250a medal award to western soldiers who served in the Great War.
Orc Battle sigel250Ancient war trophy. Each orc would carry a tatter of cloth that they would paint their companies sigel on.
Dire wolf fangs10Ancient war Trophy. Western soldiers would take these fangs from the jaws of Dire wolves who fell on the battle field.