Updated July 30th 2016

  • Added Valitnikov Isle Hot Springs point.
  • Map Page Formatting
  • OGT Properties section
  • OGT Project 1 Map



Local area maps

OGT Properties

Upcoming Changes

All of the maps above are incomplete. Here is a list of what needs to be added.

  • Silverlake area map Draft 1.4
    • need to add Narvin tundra
    • need to add towns, villages, and complexes
    • need to add compass rose
    • need to add more text.
  • Wharf District Rough Draft 2
    • Final rough draft ready. Just need to let it sit for awhile and see if anything else is missing.
  • Valitnikov Isle Draft 1.0
    • South Shore Docks
    • Valitnikov Isle Reasort by WPC
    • WPC Staff house
    • Valitnikov Gardens
    • Silverlake Warm Springs Bathes
    • WPC Theatre (needs a name)
  • Upper Silverlake Falls Area Draft 2
    • Does not appear to need anymore buildings
    • current map has mostly wasted space area could be largely zoomed in.