History of Silverlake and the Valitnikovs


(Still being written) 2.24.2016

The Valitnikovs of old

When the city of Copmohr was just a hamlet, a swordsmen turned scribe Aldo Valitnikov gave birth to a son and named him Alexander. At young age it was clear that he inherited his fathers early gifts with a blade. He grew to be a man hunting in the Nytervold and honored his family name for the first time in the Great War of the Ancient Lands.

After the war, this honored veteran Alexander “Sasha” Valitnikov was restless. He made many attempts to quench this restlessness but found it could only be satiated by the blood of the wicked. He then recruited men from the ranks of his veteran brothers and soon founded an adventurers guild in his home town of Copmohr. The Guild was wildly successful. The name Valitnikov became sanonymous with adventure and bravery.

The Valitnikovs in Silverlake


April 4th 1273

After the Epic most Valitnikovs decided to retire. With her Brother Sasha Dead, Ara Valitnikov become Master of the Guild. There was still plenty of need for the valence of the Valinikovs but with membership thin Ara ofter times found herself in more demand then she had supply. In the Spring of 1273 two new recruits Wick “Bobber” Merry and Daryth Delfold where tasked with establishing the first guild hall in the West’s most northern city. A region called Silverlake.

The two green adventurers were sent north with a building allowance and some experienced blades where they established the hall at pair 8 of fisherman’s wharf north of the town of Silverlake. Shortly after their arrival, another green recruit from Copmohr was set to join them. His name was Napoleon Solo although he was only called “Solo” and he was given the rank of Master Sargent.

April 6th 1273-May 19th 1273

The Valitnikovs were warmly welcomed to Silverlake and soon discovered that their first order of business was to assist the locals with a horrid disease that had set upon them. The lord of Silverlake had been doing little to cure the people so the Valitnikovs made haste and spent almost six weeks collecting ingredients to cure the outbreak.

During their expedition to find rare plants to cure the sick. They came across a goblin scouting party, which was ill news. Orcen kind in Silverlake was bad to say the least, even goblins. They also had a nearly fateful encounter with a large party of Kobolds that nearly killed Commander Bobber.


Daryth Delfold

Born 1217-

Commander of the Valitnikov Local at Silverlake

Napoleon Solo

Born 1212-

Master Sargent of the Valitnikov Local at Silverlake

Wick “Bobber” Merry

Born 1243-

Commander of the Valitnikov Local at Silverlake