Skills (once again skills are being rebuilt)

(work in progress any skill suggestions should be brought up to the DM or posted on our Facebook page)

The entire skill system maybe changed to a more dynamic system better suited to play by post. A system where players receive skills as they use them. more to come on this.

  • Alchemy/technology/mechanical
    • This is your character’s ability to preform or work with science and technology. This skill would be used to detrime how things of Alchemical, Technological, or mechanical, nature function. This skill does not include working with traps
  • Animal handling
    • This is your character’s ability to successfully work with domestic animals. For example, riding a horse or commanding a dog. This skill does not have any effect on wild animals.
  • Barter
    • This is your character’s ability to fetch a higher price for an object they are selling, or a lower price for an object they are buying. A successful barter roll is an 11 or above after your bonuses or minuses are applied. The higher you roll the better.
  • Boating
    • This is your character’s ability to operate and navigate a boat. In larger vessels this is your character’s ability to perform as a member of the crew operating or navigating a boat.
  • Boxing/wrestling
    • This your character’s ability to perform in combat with out a weapon. this modifier not only applies to the ability to perform (IE to hit) but also how much extra damage you do. If your player has trained to have a plus 1 to hit, they also do a plus 1 damage and so on.
  • Bribery
    • Some times the wheels can be greased with a gift, usually with money, but not always. this is your character’s ability to successfully bribe someone. Some people are more difficult to bribe then others.
  • Cards
    • In Silverlake you ain’t worth s squat if you can’t play. Don’t be a fish, learn how to play. There’s always a game going on somewhere, and there’s money to be won.
  • Charm
    • This is your character’s ability to sweet talk someone to see things your way, perhaps even to help you out some.
  • Climbing
    • This is your character’s ability to climb. Don’t fall.
  • Concealment/hide
    • This is your character’s ability to hide themselves or others from being seen. It also applies to hiding objects.
  • Deception/bluff
    • Why fight when you could just lie? This your character’s ability to be a worthless dirty lier.
  • Detect traps/Set traps/disarm
    • Think there might be a trap? Use this skill. Find a trap? Use this skill.
  • Disguise
    • This skill is different then hide/conceal. This is your character’s ability to blend into an active environment.
  • First aid
    • Is your buddy lying in a puddle of his own guts? Try first aid!. This is a non-combat skill. If used successfully the player heals a wounded player for 1d4 hp plus what ever bonuses they have. For example if you have a plus 2 to perform this skill, you also heal plus 2hp
  • Hunting/tracking
    • This is a character’s ability to decree where someone or something may have run off to. This skill applies not only in the wild but also in urban or village environments as well.
  • Intimidation
    • This your character’s ability to threaten people into doing what you want.
  • Lasso/rope work
    • This is your character’s ability to do anything with a rope.
  • Lockpicking
    • Don’t have a key? here’s the skill for you.
  • Magic/awareness/use
    • This is your character’s ability to interact with magic items or places in any way.
  • Moving silently
    • Move from point  A to point B with out attracting attention.
  • Musician
    • The ability to sing a tune, or strike a note can come in handy.
  • Perception
    • This is your character’s ability to interrupt the empirical evidence before them. Players use this skill when they are trying to under stand their surroundings, or determine something about an NPC
  • Physical Training
    • This Skill is increases a characters physical presence. It also is how a player can increase his character’s hit points.
  • Pick pocketing
    • Is your treasure in someone else’s pocket? This is the skill for you.
  • Reading
    • I’m still considering whether or not to include this as a skill or just default that everyone can read.
  • Streetwise
    • This is a character’s intuitive understanding of what’s going on in a city/village environment.
  • Swimming
    • Your character’s ability to not drown when surrounded by water.
  • Tactical
    • This skill is still under development and may not make the finale cut.
  • Throwing
    • This skill is a character’s ability to hit a target with a thrown object. It includes weapons and none combat throws.
  • Willful fortitude
    • This is your Character’s ability to not crack under pressure.
  • Weapon Handgun
    • The least powerful of the firearms. Can be duel welded with a -3 to hit penalty. Accurate at close-range. -1 to hit at medium-range, -2 to hit at long-range.
  • Weapon Rifle
    • Longbarrel weapon designed for great accuracy. No to hit penalties at any range unless very far away. Many of these firearms have plusses to hit. Moderate Damage.
  • Weapon Shotgun
    • The most powerful of the firearms. Damaged greatly decreased at long range.
  • Weapon Blade
    • You Character’s ability to hit something with a blunt object.
  • Weapon Blunt
    • Your character’s ability to hit something with a sharp object.

Advancing skills


Players advance skill’s by training. They can train in town at various places. They pay the trainer a yet to be determined amount of cred and get a 50% chance of advancing 1% towards their next bonus.

Skill advancement by Critical failure.

When a player fails critically at using a skill (That is to say rolls a 1 or less)  they will receive advancement in that skill by 1d10%. Because failure of course, is the best teacher.


Another way to advance in certain skills is for players to read books. The players reading skill must be advanced enough for the book they wish to read. The act of reading a book consumes it. Thus it can only be read once.