Race Halfling

At the Dawn of the 10th century the Halflings (sometimes known as hobbits) were the newest of the races descended from the race of men. By the end of the millennia they had become the eldest. At the end of the 18th century The Dark returned. At first in secret silently stalking the The Valitnikovs assassinating them one by one through nefarious means. He then targeted the political structure of The West, never showing his hand he pitted allied Kings against one another. He stoked this treachery to a pinnacle where the race of men were at each others throats then he stepped out of the shadows and led any army of Tuskmen and Drow that struck down the race of men, every last one. The Dark was defeated once again, but yoke of ruling The West, which had been built by men, whom no longer lived, fell upon the Halflings.


At the Conclusion of The Great War the mighty kingdom’s of men had fallen, and the western colonies of dwarves and elves were destroyed. The young race of Halfling’s through no desire of their own became the master’s of the west. They rebuilt The West with the blood and sweat of Malkin’s. This made them rich and powerful. But it is not in the nature of halfling’s to be rich and powerful. And when the Malkin rebellion occurred, not only did it mean freedom for those in bondage, but it also resulted in halfling’s returning to their lives of gentle pleasantries. While in most cases halfling’s still sit in most position’s of power other races have started to gain social standing.


Physical Description

Height 3.5 feet to 4.5 in rare cases.

Weight 45-100lbs older halfings have an inclination to be overweight. Males are typically taller and heaver then females.

Average life span is about 100 but some have lived to be in their 150s. Puberty occurs around age 17 for males and 15 for females. Puberty ends for males typically in their late 20s for females a few years earlier.

Physically Halflings are look like humans with the following exceptions;

  • They are considerably shorter.
  • Their ears are pointed like elves
  • Their feet are proportionally larger and more durable. Males have hairy feet
  • There is greater variation in eye color
Racial Traits
  • Most poisons don’t effect halflings this is a result of mushrooms being a favorite food of Halflings.
  • Halflings are not strong swimmers
Character Stats
  • Base Hit points 12
  • Can not handle some of the larger caliber firearms
  • In most cases Halflings start with larger sums of wealth then other characters
  • Most Halflings can read and write





Starting skill bonuses

  • Alchemy/technology/mechanical -5
  • Animal handling -5
  • Barter -4
  • Boating-6
  • Boxing/wrestling -7
  • Bribery -5
  • Cards -4
  • Charm -5
  • Climbing -4
  • Concealment/hide -4
  • Deception/bluff -4
  • Detect traps/Set traps/disarm  -5
  • Disguise  -5
  • First aid -5
  • Hunting/tracking -5
  • Intimidation -7
  • Lasso/rope work -5
  • Lock picking -4
  • Magic/awareness/use -5
  • Moving silently -4
  • Musician -4
  • Perception -4
  • Physical Training -7
  • Pick pocketing -5
  • Reading -4
  • Streetwise -5
  • Swimming -7
  • Tactical -6
  • Throwing -4
  • Willful fortitude -4
  • Weapon Ranged 1 handgun -4
  • Weapon Ranged 2 rifle -5
  • Weapon Ranged 3 shotgun -5
  • Weapon Blade -6
  • Weapon Blunt -6