Race Malkin

During The Great War The Dark amassed an army of Tuskman. These horrors razed entire cities, they inflicted great horror on the peoples of The West, they raped, they pillaged, they consumed the flesh of their defeated enemies. Malkins are the seed of this horror left in the bellies of human women. They were despised by the Halflings after the war and enslaved. Until a century later they rebelled for their freedom and won. Now this new race struggles to find it’s place in the west.

In general Malkin’s are feared because of their great size and physical strength. Some Halflings can still be quite raciest towards Malkins and most Malkins severely distrust Halflings. It’s not to say Malkins and Halflings can not work together but if your party is built with the two, this must be addressed.

Physical Description

Height 6.5 feet to 7.5

Weight 200-280lbs. Males are typically taller and heaver then females.

Average life span is guessed to be about 100. Puberty occurs around age 14 for males and 12 for females. Puberty ends for males typically in their early 20s for females a few years earlier.

Malkins are generally built like very large humans.

  • Their skin is the texture of elephant hide, skin color’s vary from human varieties to shades of grey and shades of green.
  • Eye color vary from human varieties and also includes shades of red and in rare cases black
  • Male Malkins have tusks that protrude from their bottom jaw similar to elephant tusks that range from 2-4 inches. The larger tusked males are considered more “Manly”
  • In the forehead of a Malkin’s skull is a vestigial soft spot. This comes from their Tuskmen genes. Tuskmen have a third eye in their forehead. Malkins do not but the skill is soft in this area and most Malkins attempt to cover their foreheads in someway to protect this vulnerability .
 Racial Traits
  • Males can gouge with their tusks.
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Character Stats
  • Base Hit points 25
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Starting skill bonuses

  • Alchemy/technology/mechanical -6
  • Animal handling-5
  • Barter -4
  • Boating -6
  • Boxing/wrestling -1
  • Bribery -4
  • Cards -6
  • Charm -6
  • Climbing -6
  • Concealment/hide -6
  • Deception/bluff -6
  • Detect traps/Set traps/disarm -5
  • Disguise -6
  • First aid -5
  • Hunting/tracking -5
  • Intimidation -2
  • Lasso/rope work -5
  • Lock picking -4
  • Magic/awareness/use -5
  • Moving silently -6
  • Musician -4
  • Perception -5
  • Physical Training -2
  • Pick pocketing -4
  • Reading -7
  • Streetwise -3
  • Swimming-5
  • Tactical -5
  • Throwing -5
  • Willful fortitude -4
  • Weapon Ranged handgun -5
  • Weapon Ranged 2 rifle -5
  • Weapon Ranged 3 shotgun -4
  • Weapon Blade -4
  • Weapon Blunt-3